Salento is a peninsula in south east of Italy, is a strip of land at the extreme south of Apulia, at the end of Italy.

It’s more than a geographic area, it’s a lifestyle. In Salento the most tradiction are untouched, keeped free from contamination of modern life: the food is cooked again with ancient recipes, the typical music (called pizzica) is played again in most locations and has a captivating rhythm, the sea is clear and crystalline, stress and frenzy of daily life are far from Salento lifestyle.

It’s a peninsula, so the sea is the most important element of this area: the majority of east cost is made of high rocks, with wonderful landscape that will amaze you. The west cost is made of white beaches of soft sand, ideal for families with children.

Wherever you’ll found a crystalline sea and beautiful landscapes and if it’s not enough…amazing cities will get you in different ages: the main city, Lecce, is a wonderful exemple of italian baroque, (very similar to Florence), the extreme east cities are expression of Turkish invasion with their arabian architecture, the central cities has medieval origin with a strong sign of rural culture. We wait you in Salento, the nearest airports are Brindisi or Bari.