Exedra Country Restaurant (1970)

Our Story

Our story: it is the story of Antonio, our father, who in 1970 opened this inn where we served wine, pieces of horse and a few other foods prepared by our mother. In 1998 it was time to give a new dignity to the old recipes, to rediscover and enhance them as they rightly deserved.

So Alessio and Massimiliano took over the old shop to turn it into the “Exedra” restaurant, where they offered the same recipes to an increasingly younger but also attentive and demanding public. Since that day the Zecca family’s ideas and passion for taste have intertwined tradition and innovation. Even today, every dish on the menu carries a story, every recipe is a journey through time, like savoring the history of good Apulian food. The roots of the restaurant that have come down to us but sink into Antonio and Olga, our parents with a life spent in the fields in a Leverano with a rich food and wine tradition.

From the first very characteristic location in the historic center of Leverano in a 1600 building with typical star vaults where our history took shape, we moved on in July 2015 to the current location in the most authentic Salento countryside, Exedra Country Restaurant is a structure built entirely of wood, characterized by a very low environmental impact to pursue its philosophy of respect for nature. Given the decennial experience in the catering field, we offer a menu strongly linked to the rural tradition of Salento, with top quality products at km 0 and mostly grown in our garden. Specialized in land cuisine, we support this with some seafood dishes, which vary according to how fresh the season allows. We also offer excellent pizzas cooked in a wood oven.

Our structure is equipped with all the necessary services to cheer up your banquet: air conditioning, disabled access, TV and stereo system, wi fi, parking.

Our primary objective is to best respond to your needs, which is why we offer you the experience and professionalism acquired over the years in our restaurant to plan the special moments of your life. To organize a party or cheer up a special occasion, contact us, we will be able to advise you on the best menus, the solutions suited to your needs and the details that will make your special moment unique.

Enjoy your meal… We look forward to seeing you at the Exedra Country Restaurant

Eating is a necessity. Smart eating is an art