Villa Ghetta Country House Affittacamere di Exedra Group srl

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Alessio & Massimiliano Zecca
Administrators of "Exedra Group s.r.l."

Who We Are

“Since 1998 we have been dealing with catering and tourist hospitality. First we collect the family legacy by giving life to “Exedra Restaurant “: the father’s place, the mother’s ancient recipes and a wind of novelties!

Shortly afterwards, in the same setting and with the same spirit, we brought splendid historic homes back to light, creating “Exedra Holiday House”.

The next challenge was the countryside: the tranquility of the Salento hinterland, the scent of the wet earth, the olive trees. “

Villa Ghetta Country House ” was born in a rural context between Leverano and Porto Cesareo, immersed in 6500 square meters of centuries-old olive grove, where everything is in full respect of nature, designed for minimal environmental impact and for “Bio” customers.