10.000 Vigne del Negroamaro

Il 4° Trofeo ‘10.000 Vigne del Negroamaro’, organizzato insieme all’ASD Podistica Salicese è previsto per domenica 4 Giugno, con il patrocinio del Comune di Leverano e il GAL Terra d’Arneo. La gara è la 3^ tappa inserita nel circuito Salento Gold 2017.

Nel 2014 l’Azienda Conti Zecca ha deciso di sperimentare un’iniziativa che potesse unire la promozione della cantina a quella del territorio attraverso lo sport, che più di altre attività veicola saldi principi e valori. Le prime tre edizioni hanno visto la partecipazione di una media di circa 500 atleti provenienti non solo dalla Puglia, ma anche da fuori regione.

Quest’anno tra i partecipanti d’eccezione ci sarà il romano Giorgio Calcaterra, tre volte campione del Mondo di Ultramaratona e per 11 volte consecutive vincitore della 100km del Passatore, un orgoglio italiano che vanta tra le sue ultime imprese la vittoria alla Sahara Marathon.

Alla conclusione delle premiazioni la serata proseguirà con intrattenimento musicale e l’apertura di stand enogastronomici. Vogliamo, infatti, creare una festa all’insegna della convivialità e del divertimento aperta a tutti, non solo ai corridori.

Per agevolare il soggiorno degli atleti provenienti da fuori provincia e regione la nostra strutture ricettiva  applicherà uno sconto del 10% sui nostri servizi dal 2 al 4 giugno.

Novello wine feast 2014

We are ready for a new edition of  “Novello Festival”, the beautiful event where the most prestigious wineries of the area will introduce the new wine. Like every year, the old town dressed in colors and scents of autumn, offering in every corner wine, chestnuts and traditional food of Salento.

Beyond wine and culinary aspect, can not miss the cultural events with an extraordinary marathon in the evenings of 7,8 and 9 November. Music, literature and theater will make this event even more interesting, and then stalls, street performers,car-meetings, events for children … unmissable pinches, whose music pervades all of our hectic streets.

Some events are hosted at the Tower Federiciana, which on this occasion will be open. So do not miss the chance to visit Leverano.

You will have the opportunity to stay in our apartments located in the center of Leverano, just in the heart of the feast… for a drink more … but safely! Our flats are fully renovated and equipped with all amenities, available accommodation doubles, triples and quadruples.

To find out more please contact us on 339 61 50 542 or info@exedragroup.com

Next opening Restaurant & Camping

logo Villa Ghetta Campeggio

Villa Ghetta Country House is proud to announce special innovations for next summer.

We’ll offer new services fot our guests: a camping with 10 lay-by equipped with all comforts and a typical restaurant with ancient tastes of Salento, a special present for the guests who wants to live completely the peace of Villa Ghetta.


Wealthy cook with Humble ingredients

La cucina povera. Often translated as “the food of the poor,” the term seems unlikely to make mouths water or inspire serious foodies to blow their vacation budget on a cooking course. But in and around the city of Lecce, deep in Italy’s heel, a crop of culinary schools and solo cooking teachers is encouraging travelers to embrace this traditionally marginalized food and to master the recipes of the extremely humble (and remarkably resourceful) local fare, which lies far at the other end of the culinary spectrum from haute cuisine. Prepared with local produce, sundry leftovers and pastas, these unembellished peasant and working-class dishes are taking center stage. As a result, Lecce, long cherished for its beautifully chiseled Baroque and Renaissance churches, is now drawing food-obsessed travelers, including some noted chefs and restaurateurs, eager to transform fava beans, turnip greens, broccoli rabe, chickpeas and bread crumbs into unexpectedly flavorful dishes. “The former aristocracy demanded that the poor workers hand over the lion’s share of their toil,” said Silvestro Silvestori, who in 2003 founded the Awaiting Table Cookery School in Lecce, a pioneering program that has imparted the secrets of boiled chicory, pickled hyacinth bulbs and other local bounty to more than 2,000 guests who have attended its weeklong cooking courses. “What the wealthy didn’t care about were the legumes and weeds, and that’s where our kitchen begins.”

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Salento: the special one!

Salento is a peninsula in the extreme south east of italy and it’s mentioned for the second consecutive year as best territory in Italy.

A very important award for tourism of Italy, mostly because of importance of the competitors: in fact the most important locations of Tuscany and Sicily were outclassed from Salento: until some years ago almost unknown!

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Where is Salento?

Salento is a peninsula in south east of Italy, is a strip of land at the extreme south of Apulia, at the end of Italy.

It’s more than a geographic area, it’s a lifestyle. In Salento the most tradiction are untouched, keeped free from contamination of modern life: the food is cooked again with ancient recipes, the typical music (called pizzica) is played again in most locations and has a captivating rhythm, the sea is clear and crystalline, stress and frenzy of daily life are far from Salento lifestyle.

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