Unesco pizza
“The art of pizza is UNESCO’s cultural heritage”. This was announced by the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies Maurizio Martina on Twitter.

UNESCO communicates: “the culinary know-how tied to the production of pizza, which includes gestures, songs, visual expressions, local jargon, ability to handle pizza , perform and share is an indisputable cultural heritage. The pizza chefs and their guests engage in a social ritual, whose counter and the oven act as a “stage” during the pizza production process. This occurs in a convivial atmosphere that involves constant exchanges with guests. Starting from the poor neighborhoods of Naples, the culinary tradition is deeply rooted in the daily life of the community. For many young practitioners, becoming  pizza chef is also a way to avoid social marginalization “.

On December 6th, pizza is officially recognized worldwide as a cultural heritage, intangible but not too much. On the occasion of this event and throughout the weekend “Exedra Restaurant” is pleased to offer Unesco pizza: an extraordinary mix of ancient local flavors on the extraordinary scenery of pizza.

We propose until 10 December the “Unesco pizza” prepared with winter yellow tomatoes, “pezzetti di cavallo” meat and mozzarella … a riot of typically winter and typically Salento flavors.

“Exedra Restaurant & pizzeria” waits you on 7 – 8 -9 -10 December for dinner and Sunday even for lunch with this fantastic news. Reserve your table at 3396150542 or 3392267241